Weather Conditions

We love to play in the great Colorado outdoors. We have played on mountain tops, meadows and urban venues. There are some caveats in regards to both travel and weather. The weather in Colorado is well known to change quickly and can be unpredictable. We have several requirements for the environments in which we play.

Weather Conditions

1. Temperature can change quickly in Colorado. A violin is made of very old wood and cannont survive in cold or heat. Our contract states that the temperature must be above 60 degrees F. and below 95 degrees F. This is set in stone as we cannot risk damage to our instruments. We even bring a thermometer to each event. We realize that this may not fit your plans

2. Direct sunlight can be very harmful to our instruments. Some of our players use instruments that are over 150 years old. We require shade when we play. Some venues have shade trees, patios, etc. We also have a canopy that can be rented. Your wedding coordinator may also work with rental companies to provide tents or canopies.

3. Precipitation is also very harmful to our instruments. We cannot be exposed to any rain, snow, sleet, mist, etc.If we feel the conditions are dangerous we will move to a safer area. The decisions to move is up to the onsight musicians and not the client or the wedding coordinator.

3. A dry location is also required. We cannot sit on wet grass etc.



1. Outdoor Weddings are risky. Have a back up plan.

We have played hundreds of successful outdoor events. In the event of rain, snow, cold, heat, etc. you should be prepeared to have a back up plan. Sometimes there is an alternative indoor location. We can also play from inside an adjacent structure and open the windows.

2. The risk is yours!

We are happy to play for your event but you must remember that the risk of bad weather is yours. We pay our players no matter what. The muscians are paid for their time. Please note the we do not compromise on any of these conditions.

3. No weather refunds

In legal terms bad weather is considered and "act of God". You do not get your money back if on the day of your event the weather is not acceptable for us to play outdoors.



Under the canopy at Wild Basin Lodge in Tabernash Colorado

Denver Colorado String Trio