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Yes, we love to play in the beautiful Colorado (and other states) mountains! Extra fees apply for events outside the Denver Metro area, dirt roads, gondola, snowcat rides, shuttles, etc. For some mountain locations overnight accomodations and per deums may apply. MORE INFO
Yes, most of our summer events are outdoors. We will need to have plenty of shade and a dry, flat area (10' x10'). We have a canopy option if you have no shaded areas. There is a fee for the canopy rental. Beacuse the instruments are made of antique wood, the temperature must be between 60 and 95 degrees F. MORE INFO
We frequently get asked to play many popular songs that our not on our repertoire list. Cloud 9 has one of the largest song lists in the nation. We add new music every week and yet many people ask about songs that are not on our list. We love to play new music but since we are a string quartet we need all of the music to be written out. We rarely find a song that cannot be done but sometimes getting it arranged for a string quartet can take some doing. We find our music from many sources; we purchase it, we trade with other quartets around the world, but most often we write them out ourselves. The fee for special requests can vary depending on the estimated time the arrangement will take.
We can wear all black, with men in black suits, with either a white or black shirt. Have a preference? Just request it. In the warm months, we can also wear black & white in various combinations. We also can go with various colors and jeans for a more casual look.
Yes, you may choose a song that is not on our repertoire list, but it may involve our arranger having to write a special arrangement, which would incur extra fees. In rare cases, an arrangement for our particular instrumentation is already available for purchase online.

Winter occasions can be dicey...especially in the mountains. Depending on the time of day of your event, we may ask to be put up in a hotel for the night following your event, or beforehand, if you have an early start time. Generally speaking, if the main highway to get to your event is closed (I-25 or I-70) due to a blizzard, we cannot be expected to be there. In this case, no refund is given; the risk is yours.

Sometimes certain situations may arise that may force you to change basic information on our contract. Please let us know as soon as possible so that we may relay the new information to our musicians and issue you a new contract. Contractual changes made less than four weeks prior to the event may incur added charges, especially if a new contract needs to be issued. Examples of contractual changes: instrumentation changes (such as going from a piano trio to a string quartet), start or stop time changes, or a location change. Some changes may not require a new contract.
Yes, to be placed on our books, a 50% deposit is required along with a signed contract.
We have sound equipment for nearly any occasion. Most weddings and smaller events do not require extra sound reenforcement. For larger events we can bring microphones, speakers and whatever is required to ensure that your event is amazing. There is a fee to rent our equipment and for the set up and sound tech.

Yes. We have singers that we hire in both classical and pop styles. We can also accompany your singer. We require a brief rehearsal when we perform with singers.